Friday, 30 September 2011

David Mabus/Dennis Markuze (aka GOATS ON FIRE!)

In some ways, David Mabus was my inspiration to start a blog. Perhaps as a way to combat the negative stereotypes that psychotic people have to deal with. You see, if you weren't aware of Mr Mabus, he gives us crazy people a bad name. He was recently the subject of a legal intervention after years of posting increasing incomprehensible gibberish (including various things which could be construed as death threats or other threats of violence: CLOBBERING TIME!!) to forums, blogs, on twitter and email in Herculean volumes. Here is some of later work

why would anyone tolerate you intolerant sh&theads? the REAL WORLD!


for lying intolerant sh*thead "wiseman" - we even use YOU!




even Goebbels would not dare use such techniques to brainwash children....



And so on. This would interspersed with surreal pictures like

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It didn't used to be so incomprehensible. Just a few years ago it was practically Shakespeare in comparison:

For over 40 years James Randi Zwigert (is this even a REAL NAME?) has
had total control over who and how the testing was conducted, yet
despite all this he has terminated the challenge.

The ONLY REASON why the challenge was stopped is because he lost and
refused to pay.

Apparently, Randi likes to break the rules when it serves him



PS: Almost Forgot: Love the IRONY of the *BULLSHIT* sign over Randi's
ugly head...

Who knows, maybe I'm already on the downhill slide into gibbering mania like DM, in which case this blog might serve as an interesting case study for someone. For the curious, more information can be found strewn about the interwebs, but I'll link over to PZ Myers for convenience. After thousands upon thousands of complaints he was arrested and given a psych evaluation. The results of this evaluation have been reported as saying he suffers from bipolar disorder, compounded by substance abuse. The actual report says 'alcohol and substance abuse' I know, but I am fairly sure that alcohol is a substance.

And that's where DM had at least one advantage over me. His manic episodes meant he got a lot of work done. Unfortunately, it was all crazy work, but nobody doubts that he was prolific. For now he is receiving treatment, and the atheist blogger community is happy with that outcome.

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